Providence Updates

September 15th, 2004 11:58 PM

Shuli’s birthday, and a pleasant rain falling. Dinner at a sub-par “silk road” resturaunt. Drinks at Trinity Brewhouse; much too sweet Imperial Stout. Pleasantly drunk and content at the moment, as the house slows down and falls silent, Shuli to bed, Simon to paper-writing. And me to post writing, in new $10 chair at $20 desk.

I finally plowed my way through almost all of the 600+ emails that had piled up in my INBOX since leaving LA on August second. There are only ten or so left that need responses, thought, or research. The NetNewsWire unread count went from several thousand down to zero today as well, only to bounce back to 849 when I refreshed. Still, an improvement.

Email from Libby says that sending off a summary of the spatial extent stuff we hashed out at the pub is on her list of things to do this week (now that she’s returned from Japan!), so work on the annotation code is slow but not altogether stopped. Still over 6,200 images to annotate (just since leaving LA).

Hoping to see Garden State tomorrow if all works out.