Most of my recent development work is available on github. Below is a summary of several of the projects I have developed and maintain.


Porthole is a SPARQL editor and client for MacOS. It features syntax highlighting and linting, and can act as a client for any SPARQL Protocol endpoint, displaying tabular results in-app.

Download available from the App Store.

Attean (perlrdf)

Attean is a Semantic Web framework for Perl. It aims to replace the older perlrdf frameworks (RDF::Query, RDF::Trine, RDF::Endpoint) using modern, traits-based design.


Kineo is a Semantic Web database for Swift (more of an exploratory project, not of production quality). It attempts to take the lessons learned from trait-based design in Attean and apply them to Swift while benefiting from a compiled language and a much better type system. It supports most of SPARQL 1.1 Query and includes a custom disk-based quadstore file format.

Supporting and previous work in this area includes: serd-parser, a Swift binding of the serd RDF parser; and SPARQLKit, an Objective-C SPARQL framework.


Math::RandomOrg provides an interface to obtaining true random numbers from the web service.


WWW::Search::PubMed provides a backend to allow searching the NCBI PubMed abstract database using the WWW::Search API.

Older Stuff

Modules that I have authored or maintained, but that are now either deprecated or unmaintained:

Drop me a line if you have interest in adopting and re-starting any of these modules.