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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Ph.D. in Computer Science
Ph.D. in Computer Science, specializing in scalable query answering on the Semantic Web. Designed, implemented, and evaluated a federated query answering system for SPARQL queries able to automatically improve query results through iterative query plan expansion based on the discovery of new, relevant data sources.
University of Maryland
Ph.D. coursework in Computer Science
Wheaton College
B.A. Computer Science, Philosophy Minor
Graduated with Departmental Honors, Magna cum laude
Santa Monica College


J. Paul Getty Trust, Los Angeles, CA
Senior Data Engineer
Designed and implemented data pipeline for producing semantically enriched art sales, provenance, and publications data from legacy systems. Collaborated with domain experts to ensure both fidelity of data and that the resulting data model would serve research needs. The resulting data conformed to the profile of CIDOC-CRM, and used JSON-LD to allow use by tools supporting a wide range of semantic capability, and supporting research by consumers with varied needs.
Hulu, Santa Monica, CA
Software Developer
Designed, implemented, and maintained a meta-query planning tool responsible for processing high-level analytical queries, selecting an appropriate data source, and generating a structured query to fully answer the user's query. The system was designed to work efficiently with complex inputs and over an extensible, wide range of available databases including Hive, Presto, Impala, and MySQL, and generate optimized queries over hundreds of terabytes of data.
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA
Designed and implemented a SPARQL query planning and optimization system used in conjunction with existing massively parallel graph database system.
O'Reilly Media, Inc., Sebastopol, CA
Reviewed existing use of semantic web technology and data and provided guidance on its continued use in critical business functions. Implemented tools to allow data exchange between existing RDF, relational, and document databases.
Wheaton College Genomics Research Group, Norton, MA
Consulted on the creation of an introductory programming textbook for biology researchers. Oversaw the technical aspects of authoring Perl code meant for diverse, cross-platform use by novices, and insured that included code used the standards and best practices of the Perl community.
Shopzilla, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Software Engineer
Designed and implemented a site taxonomy server, integrating an existing product taxonomy database with a new REST API for querying and updating an RDF-based data model using SKOS and OWL.
Shopzilla, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Software Engineer
Redesigned and implemented a merchant statistics reporting tool with a focus on scalability, maintainability, and extensibility. Work involved generating, storing and executing complex queries across multiple Sybase ASE and IQ databases using Trasact-SQL and Perl.
2003–2004, Los Angeles, CA
Software Engineer
Implemented "related product" search feature, integrating with an existing object-oriented mod_perl front-end. Redesigned and implemented database abstraction, localization, business logic and presentation classes in Perl for use with consumer search site. Worked on maintenance and development of consumer search technologies requiring scalability and efficiency.
Wheaton College Genomics Research Group, Norton, MA
Wheaton Research Fellow
Implemented in C++ and Perl: database code allowing statistical analysis of DNA sequences across genomes; a search engine which correlates search results with existing published literature in PubMed; and a framework for researching motif distributions in targeted genomic regions.
96.5FM Wheaton College Radio, Norton, MA
System Administrator/Webmaster
Administered computers used on a daily basis in running the radio station. Also responsible for updating the station website. Administrative work involved maintaining and upgrading applications and operating systems on desktops, workstations, and servers running Windows 95, 98, 2000, and XP, MacOS 8–9, and Linux.
Wheaton College, Norton, MA
Mars Fellow
Researched surface reconstruction and supporting infrastructure. Designed and implemented an object-oriented, surface reconstruction research environment in C++ using OpenGL and pthreads. Responsible for coordinating the work of two other programmers to produce the final system.
Cnation Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Senior Software Engineer
Acted as a project leader for software development projects and was responsible for managing other developers. Designed and implemented a large, open source, mod_perl based web application framework, "BingoX", and its associated database abstraction and parsing classes, "Data::Query" and "Apache::XPP". Designed and implemented large database driven mod_perl applications for clients.


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Program Committees

Program Committees


Designed and implemented a system as part of the project to convert open governmental data from tabular formats to RDF, allowing iterative enhancement of data including schema mapping and recording of maximal data provenance.

Designed and implemented the open source Kineo SPARQL system for Swift. Based on trait-based design and lessons learned in the Attean project, Kineo is a research platform for exploring new approaches to implementing and extending SPARQL.

Designed and implemented the Attean, RDF::Query, and , RDF::Trine RDF frameworks and query engines for Perl. RDF::Query was one of the initial 14 implementations of SPARQL as it was published as a W3C Recommendation in 2008, and was one of the first system to fully support the SPARQL 1.1 Query, Update, Service Description, and Protocol standards in 2013.