June 30th, 2007 4:00 AM

A few notes for this half-forgotten weblog:

I’m still trying to get the photos section back to a fully functioning state. A lot of the photos are online again, but it’s still pretty crippled behind the scenes, and some of the features are offline. Any number of recompilations and kernel upgrades hasn’t seemed to fix anything, and I’m at a loss as to how to proceed.

I’m busy trying to sort out research for the summer (and beyond). It’s looking like SPARQL will feature heavily in the work, but the specifics and scope are a bit unclear at the moment.

I’ve begun packing up my apartment (with help from Kat) for the move next month to New York. Washington is really hot and humid and awful right now, so the idea of moving north is welcome. As is the idea of moving to a slightly less muggings-occur-down-the-road-all-the-time neighborhood. Unfortunately, it also means leaving behind all the friends I’ve not got here. ::sigh::

I finally made it to Vegetate the other day (with Rose and Kat), and it was most excellent! The Jerked Vegetate Burgers (“with pickled red onions, greens & citrus aioli & truffled pomme frites”) were just incredible, as were the Seasame Crusted Tofu, the Blue Corn Biscuit and Organic Strawberries, and the Gin & Ginger cocktail. After dinner, and equally as awesome after wanting to go all year, we went to Madams Organ for bluegrass night where No Speed Limit played a great set.

I can’t wait for Ratatouille. It looks fantastic (there’s a free 9 minute preview available on iTunes), and it’s made even cooler by Thomas Keller’s involvement. Awesome!

The iPhone came out about ten hours ago. More about that in the next post.


And this too…where are you moving to in New York? And when? I may be in NYC at some point soon.

Posted by: Kabir on July 19th, 2007 12:56 PM