June 30th, 2007 4:02 AM

The iPhone came out yesterday, and I’m liking what I’m hearing about it.

All the nay-sayer journalists that have written things these past few weeks crack me up. This is clearly a game changing product release for the mobile industry, and I’m happy that it’s being pushed by Apple. The news these past few weeks have made the Apple stock kinda crazy, and I’ve traded a few times in that period, taking advantage of the hype-induced fluctuations.

I’ve been saying that the only thing stopping me from getting an iPhone is the grandfathered cheap data plan I have with T-Mobile. After having perused AT&T’s new iPhone plans, I can’t say that’s true anymore. The new plans are cheaper and feature more than my current plan (although there’s some question as to whether AT&T’s EDGE network is faster than T-Mobiles; I consistently get 20+KB/s with my Nokia N93).

The biggest issue I can see now preventing me from switching is the lack of an (easily) accessible SIM card slot (for flexibility and international traveling) and not knowing if the iPhone can be used as a network connection for my PowerBook (both technically and whether AT&T might frown on such bandwidth-sucking behavior).