Thanksgiving (with Photos)

November 25th, 2005 10:46 PM

Last Saturday we had a great early Thanksgiving, thanks primarily to Kat and Laurel (with lots of other people helping), in Providence before everyone left town to be with their families. Ten Wheaton seniors came down to enjoy the food, Tim came out from Albany, and Katia joined us as the only other person from Brown.

After everyone else had headed back to campus, Chris and his girlfriend stopped by and we sat around as Tim and Chris enjoyed the Irish Wiskey I had brought back from Ireland. Kat, Tim and I finished up the night by heading out to the Union Station Brewery.

For the actual Thanksgiving holiday, I’ve been staying with my aunt Helen and uncle Jan in the DC suburb of Chevy Chase. Also staying here are my cousins Mark (and wife Sara) and Steve, and in town are Sara’s mother and Helen’s parents and brother’s family. So lots of (very extended) family, and lots of excellent food.

Finally, I want to note that my Nikon D70 has just rolled over its first 10,000 photos, and I’ve started anew. So here it is, photo number (1)0001, showing one of the two turkeys that were cooked, as Dan prepares to carve:

I’m back in Providence on Sunday morning, hoping to start a productive week of code releases (rdf-query), code development (new website-photos code), and writing (grad school statement of intent and a possible paper on privacy and online photos).

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and hope to see everyone soon(ish).

Photos are online: Thanksgiving in Providence and Thanksgiving in DC.