New RDF::Query: 1.028

November 18th, 2005 9:18 PM
I’ve just uploaded a new version of RDF::Query (version 1.028) to my site, and it should be available from the CPAN shortly. Here’s a list of the important changes in this release:
  • Added SPARQL functions: BOUND, isURI, isBLANK, isLITERAL.
  • Added SPARQL RDF Collections syntactic form: (1 ?x 3) .
  • Updated SPARQL FILTER syntax. Now use parenthesized conditionals FILTER( condition ) . or bare function calls FILTER BOUND(?name) .
  • Updated SPARQL REGEX syntax. All regular expression matches must now be made with the REGEX(?node, "pattern") syntax.
  • Updated SPARQL ORDER BY syntax to use parenthesis instead of square brackets: ORDER BY DESC(?node)
  • Fixed SPARQL FILTER support in OPTIONAL queries. The filters were never being run on queries that had OPTIONAL blocks before.
  • Fixed SPARQL FILTER logical-and support for more than two operands. You can now say: FILTER( condition && condition && condition ) .
  • Fixed SPARQL FILTER equality operator syntax to use = instead of ==.
  • Updated SPARQL grammar to make the WHERE token optional.
  • Added binding_value_by_name method to Query results stream class.
  • Fixed RDF literal datatyping when using Redland versions >= 1.00_02.
  • Now requires Test::More 0.52 due to changes to the is_deeply function.