April 12th, 2005 6:49 PM

Shelly over at Burningbird has been doing some really great things with Wordform. It’s a much grander project in scope than MT-Redland, but they share some common themes of using weblogging tools and RDF to allow the creation of new semantic metadata, and I’m very impressed with the work Shelly’s doing.

Some choice quotes: from The Coder Fox Trot:

With this functionality, if anyone wants to provide metadata support for a specific vocabulary, such as Creative Commons or the Vegetarian schema (yes, true schema), all they have to do is create a plugin that provides the HTML for the form fields (to enable the user to fill in the blanks on the statements) and make some simple API calls to process the data.

and RDF-enabled weblogging tool:

If we make it easier to add support for RDF/XML to applications, and ease access of the metadata for bots and other tools, will there be more acceptance of RDF?

Sounds great. I sure hope lowering the barrier to creating RDF raises its acceptance. Only one way to find out, I suppose.