MT-Redland Optimizations

April 8th, 2005 9:25 PM

I’ve just put version 0.007 of MT-Redland online. This release mostly addresses the speed issues I talked about yesterday. During object construction, I now resort to an RDQL query only if there are more than two terms to match. Otherwise, I just pull from Redland directly with sources and targets, and filter on the optional second term. This has had a dramatic impact on the speed, and it’s now a lot more comfortable to use MT interactively. I’ve removed the experimental caching code, because it really wasn’t doing anything but increasing the memory footprint of MT.

Also in this release is a minor bugifx for supporting entries with multiple categories; The old code was overwriting the dc:subject statements for multiple categories, and so only one was ever getting exported to RDF.

Thanks to a ping from danbri regarding SKOS support in Morten’s Wordpress FOAF plugin, I’ve started adding support for SKOS categories. I’ve got it attaching SKOS concepts to entries, but haven’t yet dealt with how or where to generate Concept Schemes, or how to relate categories to external documents (“Semantic Web” to the W3C page, for example).