A Listening Dashboard

September 13th, 2004 8:33 PM

Nils Erik Svangård just posted to the dashboard-hackers list regarding the possibility of adding a voice recognition cluepacket generator to dashboard (based on a recently opensourced IBM package?):

And it would be cool if you just could pipe your favourite radiostation throught dashboard and get relevant info as you listen!

This (very vaguely) reminds me of a piece I read regarding the future of the (semantic) web and the possibility of being able to immediately determine the validity of claims made on TV during presidential debates, for example. Plug dashboard into a semantic-web backend, and the speech-recognition up to a TV (“FfffffffffoxNews!”), and let it churn out relevant links to Indymedia or whatever. You might not even need the speech-recognition if you could extract closed-captioning data…

Interesting idea.