Tulsa Drone

March 28th, 2004 11:37 PM

Tulsa Drone: No WakeI’d like to take a moment to mention how awesome Tulsa Drone is. Their record, No Wake, is simply amazing. The bass hammerd dulcimer is mezmerizing. My words can’t do it justice, so you should really just go buy a copy. It’s only $10 from CDBaby, and you can hear mp3 clips before you buy.

It’s also worth noting that buying from CDBaby was a fantastic experience. My CDs arrived really quickly, and the whole thing had a nice personal feel to it. And a few days after getting the CDs in the mail, I got a hand-written letter from one of the Tulsa Drone members, thanking me for purchasing the album, and including a bunch of Tulsa Drone stickers. How cool is that?

Oh, and they look like they’d be a lot of fun to see live, especially with the projected industrial imagery of the Hoerde Torch.

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