Icons, FOAF, and (De)centralization

March 24th, 2004 11:37 PM

When I wrote the MTCommentIcon code, I thought it was a nice little thing to add icons for the geeks among us who have FOAF files. I pestered a few people to add FOAF files so that I wouldn’t be the only one with an icon, but for the most part, I wrote the code, installed it, and forgot about it.

And when I first announced it, Les Orchard described it in relation to a LiveJournal feature, which struck me as weird since I had never really dealt with LiveJournal. But he was spot on.

Now that LiveJournal has turned on FOAF generation for two million users, though, I find it funny that not only does my site have LiveJournal-like icons, it has actual LiveJournal icons for anyone who posts a comment with a LiveJournal URL.

One piece at a time…

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