Job Prospects

August 21st, 2003 3:45 AM

Last night I had dinner with Erik at the Kings Head to discuss the possibility of working with him. The name of the company he now works for escapes me at the moment. However, it sounds like a careful balance of evil Windows programs (that bring in the money) and the not evil unix geeks who do the backend developing. Tomorrow I head down to their offices in Venice to talk with Erik and presumably his boss.

The really strange part is how this company is a vortex of people I know either directly or through a friend. I know Erik from SMC. A co-worker of his knows Mike Hsu whom I attended Samo with. And up until early this year Abe, who I know from from Samo and from working with his brother at Cnation, was working there as well. Freaky.

The job sounds like it would be (mostly) a good bit of Perl programming which makes me happy. The idea that I can, with some degree of certainty, take this job if it suits me is at the same time comforting and frustrating as it reduces my pressing need to send out resumes and interview with other companies.

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