August 16th, 2003 4:29 AM

It’s freaky how domesticated my samo friends have gotten. And this wedding is bringing it out of everybody. Perhaps domesticated is the wrong word, but everything feels just a bit out of whack. I can only imagine that it’ll get much stranger tomorrow when everyone is at the top of their game, and we see a fellow fool married off, run into old samo friends, and generally get that much closer to that “when I grow up” point of life.

It was the beginning of the fall, and the rest of our lives.


I saw this in my own friends, as I’m sure we all do/did at some point. I’d like to think that everyone makes their own decisions and goes at the their own pace. Yet it seems this transformation of ‘growing up’ happened to most of my friends at the same time. Those that lingered in adolescence eventually came to the conclusion that the fun was over and they too would have to grow up.

But what drives everyone to this conclusion. They don’t all seem happier for it. Most have learned to be content at best. Their youthful exuberance replaced by maturity and prudence. Does it have to be this way? I am currently operating under the assumption that it does not. But what if I’m wrong? One of the ways people are prodded into ‘growing up’ is with fear. Fear of loneliness, fear of being poor, fear of never being able to retire.

One specific friend of mine has decided it is time to use his education as an accountant (the last thing he wants to do) and move back to the big city. He gives lots of reasons, but I see that his main motivation is fear of loneliness. Men are taught from when they are young that women want a man who is making something of himself. Who can provide for her and the children. That they are attracted to men who are successful. All of these things are driving him towards a life he previously admitted he didn’t want. Of course, in order to justify doing it, he’s had to convince himself its the only way and as such, not a bad thing.

What about you Kasei, how do you feel about ‘growing up’?

Posted by: Wonko on August 16th, 2003 1:28 PM