Avoiding the Weblog

January 6th, 2007 2:22 AM

Chatting with Ben just now:

Ben: i’ve got about four lines of my LJ entry written, am being distracted by other internet things and still have an episode of freaks and geeks to watch before i call it a day

Greg: fuck

Greg: i keep meaning to post to my weblog

Greg: and keep putting it off and then forgetting to do it

Ben: if i had more to do in life, i’d prolly forget too

Greg: i may have more to do, but i probably don’t do more.

Ben: well, i’m all over the weblog thing, but i also don’t have to provide for myself on a daily basis

Ben: one sounds cooler than the other

Greg: hahaha

Greg: ok, fair point

Greg: i did feed myself and buy and assemble a bookshelf today

Greg: and then waste hours and hours doing god knows what starting at a computer screen.

Ben: see, there’s all the weblog entry you need

Ben: you can even cut and paste from this conversation

Ben: then, you’d be one step ahead of and better than me

Ben: and then i might consider, for two seconds, not eating the jellybeans you got me for christmas

Done and done.