RDF::Query 1.038

July 10th, 2006 1:15 AM

I’ve just uploaded a new version of RDF::Query (version 1.038). It should be available from CPAN shortly.

Notable changes since the last announced release (1.035):

  • You can now pre-bind query-variables for easier querying of blank nodes.
  • Updated code to support basic FILTERs in SQL compilation.
  • Initial support for OPTIONALs in SQL compiler.
  • Removed LWP requirement for systems without libwww.
  • RDF::Query now sets error variable upon parsing error. (Access with error().)
  • Fixed memory leak in RDF::Query::Stream that resulted in too many database handles.
  • Fixed major SQL compilation bugs for testing equality in FILTER expressions.
  • Fixed bug in SQL compilation where no WHERE clause was needed.
  • Fixed bug in SQL compilation when using model-specific Statements tables.
  • Fixed SPARQL parsing bug for anonymous nodes in FILTER expressions.
  • Fixed DBI case-sensitivity for PostgreSQL support.
  • Removed extra parens in SQL that were causing postgresql to break.

Thanks to danbri and ubu for the suggestions, patches and impetus for most of these changes.