Birthdays and Baptisms

July 6th, 2006 1:41 AM

I spent this past long weekend with Kat in Santa Monica where my two nieces were celebrating a birthday and a baptism.


Emma turned two on Sunday while three-month-old Megan was baptized, and we celebrated with a 60-person barbecue in the back yard.

I’ll be posting pictures within a few days, but there are a couple of pictures on Flickr besides the one above.

On Monday Kat and I spent a whirlwind day sight-seeing as it was her first time in Santa Monica (first time west of Washington, DC, for that matter). We went to the beach, the Santa Monica pier, the Promenade, and Malibu (with lunch at Malibu Seafood). We saw An Inconvenient Truth at the Laemmle (more on that later). We got lots of beer and burgers (well, Kat, Lauren and Mike had the burgers) at Father’s Office (which now restricts the number of people who can be inside at any one time and waiting outside in line totally sucks). And we got lots and lots of Jamba Juice.

On Tuesday we flew home in sweet, upgraded-to-first-class seats, and saw dozens of fireworks displays as we were descending into Boston. Finally, huge thanks go to Ben for picking us up at the train station at 12:40, after trains were delayed due to fireworks in Boston.