Personal Report: Update

March 4th, 2006 2:42 PM

As I promised in Personal Report, the other day I sat down and wrote some code to pull together some personal data and consolidated it on my about page. Currently, the data I’ve got updating nightly is: recently watched movies, recently listened to music, and beer I’ve had recently (which is compared to my beer data from 2004).

The music is coming from my weekly artist chart [xml]. I would have preferred the weekly album chart, but all the weekly charts except for the artists seem to be broken. I’m passing the XML through this hack of a stylesheet and then querying the resulting data with SPARQL.

The movies are coming from my FilmTrust FOAF Profile. The data is conveniently already in RDF, and so I can query it directly with SPARQL.

Finally, the beer data is also coming from a SPARQL query on data from a turtle file containing information on all the beer I’ve had this year. This file is generated each night from a local, plain-text list I keep on my laptop. It contains information about the type of beer I had, the date, name of brewery and beer, quantity of beer, location where I had the beer, and a review rating. The locations are identified with URIs pointing to my site which don’t currently return any data, but sometime soon should start returning spatial data about the locations.