New England Beer

October 30th, 2005 11:33 PM

Kat and I went to the New England Beer Festival yesterday and it was a lot of fun. I think that overall the Belgian and Extreme Beer Festivals had better themes, with potential for better beers, yet the quality of the New England beers was high and consistent.

I sampled the following:

Portsmouth BrewingKeg Bitch Series #2: Raspberry Lime Rickey
Berkshire Brewing Co.Holidale
Buzzards Bay BrewingSchwarzbier
Rock Art BreweryStump Jumper
Rock BottomMunich Gold
Sebago Brewing Co.Slick Nick Winter Ale
Shed Restaurant & BrewerySaison de Shed
Shipyard Brewing Co.Tremont IPA
Portsmouth BreweryCalifornia Common

Greg and Kat after the Beer Festival.

Kat had (and I tried):

Buzzards BayOktoberfest
Berkshire Brewing Co.Coffeehouse Porter
Cambridge Brewing Co.The Great Pumpkin Ale
Milly’s TavernPumpkin Ale
Portsmouth BrewingKeg Bitch Series #2: Raspberry Lime Rickey
Portsmouth Brewing Co.Pumpkin Ale
The TapPumpkin Patch
Watch City Brewing Co.Clocktoberfest Lager
Watch City Brewing Co.Pie-Eyed Pumpkin Ale

The Raspberry Lime Rickey was very sweet, and pretty weird. Good, but you probably wouldn’t want a pint of the stuff.

The Schwarzbier was a fantastic black lager. The Stump Jumper was probably my favorite of the day. Rock Art described it as a “gnarly stout [that] is a bit chewy and hefty.”

After having Rock Bottom’s Cinq de Mayo jalepeño lager at the Extreme Beer Fest, the Munich Gold really couldn’t compare. It was good, but not exceptional.

Kat had every Pumpkin Ale in the room, and there were some interesting choices. The Cambridge Brewing Co.’s Great Pumpkin Ale was exceptionally pumpkin-y. Probably too much. The Portsmouth Brewing Co.’s Pumpkin Ale was overly hoppy. The Tap’s Pumpkin Patch had an almost coffee-ish aftertaste. Overall, we both agreed that none of the pumpkin ales were as good as the Pumpkinhead we tried at the Shipyard Brewery in Portland a few weeks ago.

Greg enjoying a beer sample.

And during the festival, it started snowing. Lots of snow. The weather report apparently reported up to two inches. In October. This morning, it was bright and sunny, in the mid 60s. I have no idea what’s going on with the weather around here.


The tell-tale sign of someone not native to New England is that they one day hope to understand the weather here. The weather is. It just is.

And I totally forgot about this beer festival as well, though I couldn’t have gone anyway. But I have one question: What the hell is with Pumpkin flavor this year? Everywhere I turn, I see pumpkins in alcohol. In shades of Denis Leary, what ever happened to beer-flavored beer?

Posted by: Benjamin on October 31st, 2005 1:03 AM

The spikes are looking good! And it’s awesome that you captured the guy behind you staring at them!!

Posted by: obigabu on November 9th, 2005 11:53 PM