October 21st, 2005 8:55 PM

I’m drooling over the announcement of Aperture. The demo videos (and quite frankly everything I’ve read about it) make Aperture look like a near-perfect post processing application for photos. It’s clear that Apple took all the serious issues photographers deal with when working in digital, and thought long and hard about how to solve them. From the stacking of rapid-fire shots, to the backup vaults, the pervasive metadata support to the beautiful user interface, Aperture looks like a winner.

One of my biggest issues with iPhoto was the requirement that iPhoto manage the files. I’m particular about how I store my photos on disk, and I could never quite get over this “feature”. Macworld is saying that Aperture will share this feature with iPhoto:

Like iPhoto, Aperture organizes and tracks your files for you. I haven’t seen what the file system looks like at the back end (iPhoto annoyingly sorts its files by date). But Aperture’s interface appears to group files into projects that you define.

However, Apple’s Tech Specs page says otherwise. Under the “Input” section, the page lists as an option:

  • Drag files in from any volume (preserves Finder folder hierarchy)

I’d tend to believe Apple on this one, but I suppose only time will tell. Either way, the feature set of Aperture is enough to get me to ignore this one possible downside, and pony up some money for what looks like an incredible application.