March 24th, 2005 5:20 PM

Over at Treehugger: Hand-Crank Travel Blender.

Meanwhile, all I can think about is this:

Bender trying to plug a blender into a boar.

[Scene: Desert Island Jungle. Next morning Bender is in the jungle. He digs a hole.]

Bender: Dont panic, I’ve got these yams. I’ll just make some yam schnapps.

[He pulls a blender out of his chest cabinet and puts the yams in. He holds the plug and looks for somewhere to put it. He plugs it into a tree but nothing happens. He tries a beehive but nothing happens. Next he tries a wild boar’s nose but still nothing. The boar growls.]

Bender: Hey I should be mad at you! Now turn around.

Futurama Episode 4ACV14: Obsoletely Fabulous

On a side note, I’d link directly into this transcript of the episode, but it doesn’t have anchors with which to link within the page. This is what, 2005‽ We’ve had anchors in HTML for at least 10 years!

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