Code and Photos

February 8th, 2005 6:41 PM

With a working computer back in my life, I’ve been cleaning up some code, and making some changes to the website.

I’ve made a few tweaks to my MTCommentIcon Movable Type plugin, updated the documentation, and sent it off for inclusion at the Movable Type Plugin Directory as version 1.004.

The people pages can now be referenced by sha1sum, as in I’m not sure anyone but me will find this terribly interesting or useful, and it’s not an automated process yet, but there you go.

I’m finally going to make public (that is, post a link on the front page to) the Location pages for my photos. The first cut links on that page are Countries (other than the US) and Regions (within the US, as defined by the DAML US States and Regions data). Also, if you don’t want to click through, you can get to any particular state by name with a URL like so: Also, as I refresh gallery pages, they’ll start to incorporate links to the location pages.

I just realized that the DAML country codes ontology I’m using is the same one used by Morten’s visits vocabulary. Maybe I’ll have to display that information somehow. Also, it’ll be easy to inference the visits information with depiction data.

Next (big) step on the photos is to generate summary index pages for galleries, instead of having the first page just drop you into the photos. A summary page would be able to show all the people, places, things, events, and times associated with a gallery, instead of just the ones associated with the images on the current page.

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