Extreme Beer

January 30th, 2005 8:40 PM

Nate and I went up to Boston on Saturday to attend Beer Advocate’s Extreme Beer Fest. Here’s my list:

Berkshire Brewing CompanyCoffeehouse Porter
Berkshire Brewing CompanyRaspberry Strong Ale
Beer WorksPeanut Butter Porter
Founders Brewing CompanyDirty Bastard
Lagunitas Brewing CompanyCappuccino Stout
Magic Hat Brewing CompanyBraggot ‘03
Rock Bottom BreweryCinq de Mayo Lager
Smuttynose Brewing CompanyWild Rice Beer

The Peanut Butter Porter was perhaps the biggest let down of the day, having no trace whatsoever of the “15 pounds of creamy peanut butter” used in brewing. The Wild Rice Beer contended with the Porter, however, with its over-hyped description of “not a large beer, but different than anything you’ve ever had before.” Completely untrue — It was very similar to a great many beers I have had before.

The Cinq de Mayo was the highlight of my day, being an absolutely wonderful light lager made with jalapeños. Not too much spice, but a nose and mouthful of delicious jalapeños.

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