October 18th, 2004 11:19 PM

Bruce Sterling, Six Viridian Years:

To the casual observer, these may seem bleak times for Viridian aims, what with the world’s only superpower gone hog-wild over military adventurism while studiously ignoring soaring CO2 levels. For longer-term activists, however, this can be seen as “intensifying the contradictions.”

Kyoto passed because of the opposition of the Americans, not despite that. Kyoto has become the club of civilized people who are anxious to have a diplomatic venue [that] has no Bush Administration wreckers in it. That is a bigger geopolitical deal than Kyoto itself, because (as we Viridians have always known), Kyoto is far too feeble and modest a treaty to arrest the gathering climate havoc.

If our abuse of the atmosphere is genuinely causing the biosphere itself to spew extra CO2, then we are in for it. If that’s for real, it means that every grim prognostication alarmists prophesied for 2100 will be happening within our own lifetimes. It won’t be slow, if this is so. It will be fast, fast.



The Viridian Movement is now half over. And we need it now more than ever.