Things That Have Changed My Life

October 1st, 2004 5:50 PM

A very brief list of things that have changed my life in the last few years. (I guess eight years is the upper limit here.)

  • Jack Kerouac, via Beat Literature, via Peter Sawaya.
  • Kim Stanley Robinson, for stunning displays of imagination, thoughtfulness and depth in his near and distant futures. Specifically, The Mars Trilogy and The Gold Coast.
  • Rage Against the Machine, for providing politically stimulating lyrics at a time in my life when I was anything but politically interested.
  • Peter Singer, for philosophies summed up nicely in Writings on an Ethical Life.
  • Libby Miller, for a ping directing me to the FOAF project, sucking me in to the semweb stuff.
  • Trishula Oswald, for convincing me to move to the east coast.
  • The Clock of the Long Now via Brian Eno via TorgoX [1, 2]
  • Adam Pisoni, for always being open to discuss new ideas and being available when I greatly needed feedback on life decisions.
  • Timothy Kudo, for uncountable reasons. A few of those being: my first introduction to philosophy, knowing when I needed a good kick to get my life out of a rut, being someone to always look up to, …

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tim, being someone to always look up to? hahahahahhaa

ok, maybe i’m just an asshole.

Posted by: rich on October 4th, 2004 6:36 AM

don’t take that the wrong way though, i love you both :)

Posted by: rich on October 4th, 2004 6:40 AM

if there is a couch wherever i am, you’re always welcome to it.

Posted by: shuli on October 4th, 2004 11:45 AM