Cell Phones

September 27th, 2004 3:44 AM

Out drinking with Lauren and Mike tonight. Discussing cell phone technology and the possibilities going forward. With things like Salling Clicker and Sony Ericsson’s Bluetooth Media Viewer, it’s not possible to use cell’s for presenting information on a TV or projector. Ericsson’s site sums up: “For an easier and lighter working day, a presentation saved as images and stored in your phone can be shown on a bigger screen.” But with a CPU strong enough to run the JVM, and tens of megabytes of memory, there’s no reason why presentations should be stored as images. Why not write a Java application to display Keynote’s XML presentation files? It would certainly save on the time spent trying to fuss with video cables (and settings, if the laptop should be running anything other than MacOS).

Mike went so far as to suggest that cell phones could be much bigger than that, considering the developing world has a real hunger for cellular networks (having leapfrogged over countries with entrenched landline infrastructures), and thus cell phones. With increasing power and flexibility in these phones, and wireless peripherals such as keyboards and displays, cells could easily become the method of access to the internet. In fact, we’re likely well beyond the point where this would be speculation. It’s almost certainly happening right now.

So, another year celebrated with friends, and geeking out over tech speculation. Certainly a decent way to spend an evening.