June 20th, 2004 2:35 AM

My hair style changes. My hair color changes. My clothes change. My scene changes.

My chains, however, have never changed. Since I got them, my chains only leave my side in three situations: being naked, wearing a swimsuit, and wearing a tuxedo. While wearing a tuxedo (which has no belt onto which to attach chains), I make due with hair mods. My chains are a part of me. A part of my image of myself. Yet, I don’t know why this is.

What is it about chains that make them different from any other accessory that I wear? Why does it work for me to wear chains with a jeans, t-shirts, shorts, button-downs, hemp, bowling shirts, and suits?

Why can I imagine myself leaving any and all of those types of clothing and accessories except the chains?

I miss my mohawk, complemented by my chains so well.

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You know, it’s little slices of life/personality like this that make blog-reading such an addiction.

Perhaps you can’t see yourself without the chains because you’ve never really needed to. Truthfully, jeans, hemp, shorts and most of the other clothes you listed up there don’t necessarily require a foregoing of the chains.

For a long time I couldnt see myself giving up my short bleached-as-hell hair until I was basically told that if it didn’t go to a “more natural” color, I wouldn’t be getting a “required for graduation” internship.

Still, hang on to that kind of freedom as long as you can, I sure miss it now that it’s all but gone.

I can’t say I’ve got an accessory that I always wear or that encapsulates or compliments my persona. I don’t really wear jewelry or anything in a dedicated manner, if I do, it’s just because I’m too lazy to take it off. Maybe I’ll grow attached to an accesory eventually, but I doubt it.

Posted by: sara on June 20th, 2004 11:32 PM