June 17th, 2004 6:57 PM

So Simon and I drank yards together last night at Sunset. I’m a bit upset that less than three pints of beer cost me $17 (“You get to keep the [plastic] yard!”), but the Magic Hat #9 was nice, and we decided to come back at some point and get a yard of something a bit darker.

On the topic of beer, as of today I’m making my beer drinking habits (“problem”?) public for all to see. I’ve started generating graphs of total beer consumption, beer types, and locations of drinking. (I’ll try to integrate these graphs cleanly into my about page at some point.) Also, the list of beers these graphs are generated from are available as a text file, or as a hacked-up, work in progress, RDF file.

I imagine my consumption will drop off rather quickly as I fly back to LA in a couple of weeks to begin a road trip with Adam, which would be good given the rather shocking slope (and concavity) of the consumption graph.

Update: Fixed links to the graphs, now located on an About Beer page. You’ll need an SVG plugin to view the beer type and location graphs.


I know you can make a graph that shows a daily or weekly pattern. I think that might be just as telling as the “locations of drinking” chart.

Posted by: Benjamin on June 20th, 2004 10:11 PM