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March 31st, 2004 11:56 AM

I’m rather sceptical of some of these (especially “th”), but by request here is a list of words with dense ascenders. I’ve only included those ranking above 0.666, as that rank alone nets 371 words.

  • 1: th
  • 0.8: blaff, bluff, delft, dhabb, fifth, filth, flaff, fluff, fulth, illth, tellt, theft, thilk, thill, thoft, tilth
  • 0.75: baff, baft, baht, bald, balk, ball, bath, batt, beld, bell, belt, beth, bhat, bhut, bibb, biff, bikh, bilk, bill, billfold, bitt, blab, blad, blah, blat, bleb, blet, blob, blot, blub, bold, bolk, boll, bolt, both, bott, buff, buffball, buhl, bukh, bulb, bulk, bull, bult, butt, byth, dabb, daff, daft, dalk, dalt, debt, deft, delf, dell, dhak, dill, dodd, doff, doll, dolt, dubb, duff, dull, dult, faff, fall, fell, felt, fill, flak, flat, fled, flet, flit, flitfold, flob, flot, flub, fold, folk, fuff, fulk, full, haff, haft, half, hall, halt, hath, hatt, heft, hell, hill, hilt, hold, holl, holt, hubb, huff, hulk, hull, kath, keld, kelk, kell, kelt, khat, khet, khot, kill, kilt, kith, koff, koft, kohl, lall, lath, left, lift, lill, lilt, lith, loft, loll, luff, lull, taft, takt, tald, talk, tall, tath, teff, tell, telt, teth, that, theb, thob, thof, thud, tiff, tift, till, tilt, toff, toft, told, toll, tolt, tuff, tuft, tuth
  • 0.714: babbitt, bathtub, battled, bdellid, befilth, blattid, blobbed, bluffly, bottled, bulblet, bullbat, debtful, fifthly, flathat, flatlet, flubdub, flyball, flybelt, fulfill, holdall, huthold, khutbah, talkful, tallith, talthib, thuluth, tuftlet, tutball, twelfth
  • 0.7: bellbottle

Interesting that there are the same number of words that rank 0.8 from the ascender and descender lists.


You know, your last two posts would be moot if everyone wrote with the caps lock button well, locked, at all times just like all the 12-year-olds who have only recently discovered the wonders of message boards, instant messengers and the Internet at large. makes face

Posted by: sara on March 31st, 2004 7:43 PM


Posted by: kasei on April 1st, 2004 12:26 AM

Okay.. in a fit of boredom, I’ve decided that I wonder about words with high percentages of either ascenders AND descenders. This was in part because your ascenders list has no descenders and the descenders list has precious few words with ascenders.

So maybe words like jelly which is like.. .8 (fast math in the head! go me!)

Posted by: sara on April 9th, 2004 6:03 PM

High ranking words with ascenders and descenders:

  • 1: by, byth, fly, glyph, gyp, hyp, kyl, ly, phytyl, ply, th, thy, tyg, typp, typy, tyt
  • 0.9: polyphylly
  • 0.888: hypophyll, polyphyly
  • 0.875: phthalyl, phyllody, polytypy
  • 0.857: aphylly, blighty, bluffly, diglyph, fifthly, flighty, flyball, flybelt, flyflap, gallfly, gypsyfy, ladyfly, lightly, tightly
  • 0.833: alphyl, babbly, baldly, blebby, blight, blobby, blolly, blotty, bluffy, bluggy, bobfly, boldly, botfly, bubbly, bypath, byplay, daftly, daggly, dayfly, deftly, filthy, flabby, flaggy, flatly, fledgy, flight, flobby, floppy, fluffy, flyboy, fylfot, gadfly, giggly, gladdy, gladly, glegly, glibly, glycyl, goggly, haggly, helply, heptyl, highly, hobbly, hubbly, hyphal, jiggly, joggly, kittly, klepht, ladyfy, ladyly, lilyfy, lymphy, pebbly, phytol, platty, plight, plotty, pluffy, pluggy, popply, puddly, sylphy, theyll, thight, thilly, thujyl, thymyl, tipply, topply, tyddyn, typify
  • 0.818: chylophylly, photoglyphy, phyllophyte, polyphylety
Posted by: kasei on April 10th, 2004 2:31 PM