Romantic Networks

February 19th, 2004 8:13 PM

I’m sceptical of the fact that the graph visualization of High school dating based on the work presented in “Chains of Affection: The Structure of Adolescent Romantic and Sexual Networks” (via “Gallery of network images”) doesn’t show gay, lesbian, or bisexual relationships. Unless the graph coloring in blue and pink is arbitrary and the graph just happens to be bipartite. Which seems rather unlikely. More likely, perhaps, is that the graph (and potentially the data behind it) represent a skewed look at adolescent romantic networks based on what is culturally acceptable.

It’s interesting that the average degree looks like it might be just over 2, but the maximum degree is 9 in the blue subset and 5 in the pink subset.

Update: Lauren spotted onethree. I suppose I have less of anot much of a point now, but it still seems a bit suspicious.