August 9th, 2003 2:49 AM

Defcon 11: Movements:

You can’t join a movement either, because by the time you decide to join a movement, it will have already slammed into shore and tracked its course back to sea. You need to have been a part of it before anyone knew it was a movement to begin with.

Indeed. Or else you join the movement just in time to be along for the ride when it crashes and burns. It sucks to come to this realization, because the yearning for a new scene once the old ones have all withered away is intense. I cling to the old, disappeared scenes despereately only to realize with disappointment that that time and place is long gone. Yet no scene seems to be emerging from the groups to which I currently subscribe.

But Defcon sucked this year. It finally reached critical mass and lost all sense of being worthwhile. Talks, on average, were sub par. Waiting in line for talks sucked and meant, if you weren’t in the front, not getting in to the talk. Sitting on the floor in talks or hallways or the vendor area was forbidden. So that was weak. We need our own conference. With blackjack and hookers.


Thats the thing about movements. As wonderful as it feels to be a part of one… you can’t plan them, look for them, or join them. They just happen. The most you can hope is to stumble on to one. Its too painful to wax nostalgic about movements past. Its probably not healthy to sit around waiting for the next one either. The most you can do is be thankful for the good times you had in a prior one without deluding yourself into believing the next one is just around the corner. Words come easy though.

“All my lies are merely wishes.” -Wilco

Posted by: Wonko on August 9th, 2003 5:35 PM