April 5th, 2003 10:12 PM

Leslie Harpold writes Things Andrew Had No Intention of Telling Hannah in The Hoopla500:

  • One morning he woke up and she had already left for her run and he missed her so fiercely in that moment he decided they should never be apart.
  • He decided what he was really afraid of was how much he loved her.
  • He used to think he was too good for Hannah, but now he knows it’s the other way around.

Mark follows with Things Hannah Had No Intention of Telling Andrew:

  • When they first started dating, her sister told her that she should consider him a practice boyfriend to learn how to fix up a man, and she agreed.
  • She used to think she was too good for Andrew, but now she knows it’s the other way around.

I find that when I read a lot of things these days, the only response I can come up with is “indeed”. It has the whole “Ha ha, it’s funny because it’s a Birdman reference” thing going for it, but more than that, it seems to me that it’s become my “I can’t coerce my thoughts into words eloquent enough to acurately describe how {true,wonderful,beautiful,amazing} this is, so I’ll just let it speak for itself” phrase.