December 20th, 2002 11:12 AM

It’s the crunching sound of fresh snow under my boots. And watchcing the tree across the pond in the fall, when its leaves span all the colors from green to gold to red.

The Lyons Den on a quiet night, and the Loft on a busy one. Donut Patrol shows, the Bitching Hour and WCCS staff meetings that dealt with everything but WCCS. And the fulfilling, connected feeling of a Luna Park show (and the cute way Jen lifts one leg slightly when she gets really into the music).

Nights in Stanton Basement and parties in Suite 301. And the people. The people. Ben, Simon, Mike, Shuli, Megan, Saif and Sam. Chris, Nick, Nick and Dara. Mathis, Mike, Mark, Greg, Matt, Tony, Anna, Sam, Becky, Bernadette, and Matt. And all the ones I’ve forgotten, and all the ones I never got a name for, but could sit and talk with all night. All of them fill me with memories of my time here. Has it only been two years?

Thank you Wheaton.

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and wheaton returns: Fuck you, give us your money! and no! you cant have a philo major

(continuing w/ the mood of my night. sorry to bring you down…well, not too sorry)

Posted by: shuli on February 9th, 2004 12:10 AM