September 28th, 2002 8:01 PM

Ericsson T68i
I got an Ericsson T68i cell phone for my birthday, which was terribly exciting. On hearing the news, I immediately ordered a D-Link Bluetooth USB adapter from Apple, and waited eagerly. Unfortunately, AT&T isn’t as clear as one might hope when asked “Will this work for me?” I was told that, yes, indeed, the T68i will work in Norton, MA with no problem. Upon further investigation, phone calls to tech-support, and glancing at the phone’s screen, the message gets through clear enough that there is “No Network” to be had in Norton, MA. Since I’ll only be here for just under three months, I think I’ll hold on to it, and activate it upon returning to Santa Monica.

There’s a good introduction to Bluetooth over at the Seattle Times, which mentions the T68i, and has me excited to get home and be able to try it out. Matchmaker Bluetooth: No-cable connection excels at pairing handhelds:

“In a recent test, I was able to control the [Ericsson T68i], dialing calls and making modem-like data connections from a PC laptop and a Jaguar-equipped Mac. Jaguar goes one step further with this and similar phones: Incoming calls can be captured by the systemwide Address Book, with the software bringing up a dialogue with the phone number, address-book entry and options to shunt the call to voice mail, send the caller an SMS (short messaging service) text message, or answer the call.”

Apparantly you can also make a phone call from Address Book, use iChat (I assume this will work over bluetooth in addition to on the phone?), and use iSync to keep contacts and schedules up to date between laptop and phone. Fun stuff.


Did you happen to read the /. article:

I thought it was very informative and shed some new light on the differences between the protocols.

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