September 22nd, 2002 3:36 AM

Patagonia, The Next 100 Years presents a wonderful manifesto of the philosophies behind Patagonia, and how the founder plans to keep the company small and true to its roots:

“When you get away from the idea that a company is a product to be sold to the highest bidder in the shortest amount of time, all future decisions of the company are affected. The owners and its officers see that since the company will outlive them, they have responsibilities beyond the bottom line. Perhaps they will even see themselves as stewards - protectors of the corporate culture, the assets, and, of course, the employees. A corporation is only an empty legal shield without its people. A company that intends to be around for a long time must live within its resources, care for its people, and do everything it can to satisfy its community of customers. No business can be done on a dead planet. A company that is taking the long view must accept that it has an obligation to minimize its impact on the natural environment.”

The article also covers the idea of the need to be the first to endure perceived sacrifices in order to bring about change. Everyone should read this. Now. <g>