Latest Version: MT-Redland v0.008

I've posted two screenshots of MT-Redland, one of the edit entry page, and another of an entry search based on an RDQL query.

MT::ObjectDriver::Redland is a MoveableType database driver that adds a Redland RDF storage mechanism.

This package includes several plugins that allow the creation of semantic metadata for weblot entries.

Once installed in your MovableType lib/MT/ObjectDriver directory, the standard database configuration directives can be used in mt.cfg:

ObjectDriver Redland
Database greg
DBUser greg
DBHost localhost

The Redland driver currently only uses the Redland mysql storage type with model name 'mt'. The database password should be stored in mt-db-pass.cgi, as with any other database driver.

Version History

Version 0.008 (2005-04-11)

Version 0.007 (2005-04-08)

Version 0.006 (2005-04-06)

Version 0.005 (2005-04-06)

Version 0.004 (2005-04-05)

Version 0.003 (2005-04-04)

Version 0.002 (2005-04-03)

Version 0.001 (2005-04-01)

Initial release.