Latest Version: MTCommentIcon v1.004

MTCommentIcon is a MoveableType plugin to add user icons (via FOAF) to comment posts. Once installed in your MovableType plugins directory, a new template tag, <$MTCommentAuthorIcon$>, will be available for use within the scope of a <MTComments> tag.

When used, MTCommentIcon can produce comments that look like this:

Gregory Todd Williams

I'm hoping I'll have a ton more pictures to post in a week or two.

Posted by: kasei on October 14th, 2004 02:50 PM

When the <$MTCommentAuthorIcon$> tag is used within a <MTComments> tag, and the comment in question has an associated URL field, MTCommentIcon will attempt to discover a user icon for the comment. First, a FOAF file containing a foaf:depiction is searched for at the specified URL using FOAF Autodiscovery. If found, the referenced image is scaled and used as the icon. If no FOAF icon is found, an RSS feed containing an Image attribute is searched at the specified URL. If found, the image is scaled and used as the icon.

Since LiveJournal enabled FOAF support, a comment icon will be available for any commenter who uses a valid LiveJournal URL.

For more information on FOAF, see the FOAF project homepage, or the FOAF-a-matic to create your own FOAF file.

If you need help with the plugin, drop me a line at greg at evilfunhouse dot com.