New RDF::Query

June 2nd, 2005 5:08 PM

I’ve uploaded RDF::Query version 1.024 to CPAN. This release has a significant number of changes, including some serious bugfixes for the RDF::Core support. Here’s a list of the most important stuff:

  • Added SPARQL UNION support.
  • Added Results XML Format support for graph and boolean queries (DESCRIBE, CONSTRUCT, ASK).
  • Added missing SPARQL OFFSET grammar rules.
  • XML Result Format now works with RDF::Core models.
  • Added test file for local file-based SPARQL ‘FROM’ queries.
  • Added test file for SPARQL Result Forms (LIMIT, ORDER BY, OFFSET, DISTINCT).
  • Added test file for SPARQL Query Results XML Format.
  • Added new tests based on Devel::Cover results.
  • Some test files now run against both Redland and RDF::Core.
  • Moved Stream class to lib/RDF/Query/

I’m feeling pretty good about the coverage on this release. I’ve started testing the RDF::Core support more seriously. The public tests now number 389, while my development stress testing brings that up to 878.

Next up on the TODO list is getting support in for typed literals, and adding built-in functions and operators.