Leaving with a Cake

May 24th, 2004 12:40 AM

Simon and Greg wtih a cakeI’m back in Boston, after crashing with the CRVs last night at Wheaton and packing the car and driving up with Shuli this afternoon. Last night we all crashed the Wheaton alum dinner/party in Emerson where Sodexo put on what was probably their last dinner at Wheaton. The swanky spread of fruits, cheeses, breads, pasta, meats and seafoods was incredible. The presence of an ice sculpture which read “Class of 2004” was odd, since even seniors had to move out yesterday. On our way to the dessert table (which was about fifteen feet long), I suggested offhandedly that since all the alums seemed to be completely through with the food by that point, we should walk off with a cheesecake that was sitting with only a single slice missing. Turning around to see Moe dancing in the middle of the room, I asked him when the desserts were going to be cleared away, and he told me to take anything I wanted, then thought again and told us to wait just a minute. He ran off to the kitched and returned moments later with a full, untouched cake for us to take. Moe rocks.

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