Because I’m a total sucker for these memes, a list of languages used in my music collection (via Kottke):

  • English - Most everthing
  • German - Rammstein, Blümchen
  • French - Amelie
  • Japanese - Pizzacato Five
  • Portuguese - Arnaldo Antunes
  • Icelandic - Sigur Ros, Björk (Gling Glo)
  • Irish - Kíla, Solas, Lad Lane
  • Latin - Chant
  • Spanish - I don’t seem to have any music that is entirely Spanish, but lots of stuff that code-switches to Spanish (Sublime, Beck, …).
  • Korean: Breakin’ the Noise
  • To be honest, I’m not sure how many African languages are represented on Homeland, Vol. 2.


Most of Sigur Rós is in its own language - Hopelandic. So you could add that as a separate category

Posted by: Matt Wantman on June 20th, 2005 12:53 PM