April 21st, 2005 4:44 AM

I’ve resurrected my RDF::Query project, and added initial SPARQL support (with the new Turtle syntax!). No project page yet, but the tarball is here: RDF-Query-1.010.tar.gz. It’s got RDQL support, too, and works with Redland and RDF::Core.

This version finally uses iterators to return results, which makes it possible to query very large RDF stores that would be impractical to run full queries against without the use of iterators.

The biggest issue at the moment, though, is that this version has preliminary support for ORDER BY, which doesn’t look like it’s coming in Redland any time soon.

So, this should be fun to play with, and can provide a querying mechanism for anyone unfortunate enough to only have access to RDF::Core.