Creation Events

September 3rd, 2004 9:06 AM

The workshop wrapped up last night, and a large number of us headed down to the King’s Head for some pints and socializing. Morten, Libby, and I, however, sat down and hashed out the image creation event semantics and markup, and made a lot of progress. I don’t have the specifics handy (Libby is in posession of the scrawled notes we took, so I don’t expect to have them for a bit), but we’ve got what we agree is a proper solution semantically, and a less verbose syntax than we had originally thought necessary.

Part of the solution was to fall back on the ambiguity of Dublin Core. In particular, we’re goint to be using dc:coverage (similarly to how Morten is already using it) to represent “the spatial and temporal” extents of the creation event.

I’ll post more when the relevant information is put online (or emailed my way).