October 29th, 2003 9:11 PM

Sitting in at gate 42B of LAX terminal 4, this thought occurs to me. I like my “I Miss Freedom” sticker that the security check personnel have to look at each time I hand them my laptop for inspection. I also like the metal badge that got tossed around the weblogging world a few weeks ago that had the Bill of Rights printed on it (I believe?) meant to cause trouble at the security checkpoing. Now I want to combine the two. I want to embed, within my backpack or inside my laptop (maybe where my now-dead CD-ROM drive lives), metal letters that spell out “I Miss Freedom” so that the X-Ray machine operators get to read that as my bag passes through. That would rock. (Oh, and the novelty of connecting to the internet over bluetooth and my cellphone doesn’t seem to be wearing off.)