January 6th, 2003 1:44 AM

I recently started dumping my apache access log into an RDBMS, and am amazed at some of the ways people find my site. The search terms coming off of google, inktomi, alta vista, and others are rather diverse.

Google seems to be hitting my site every couple of minutes. I assume it’s that time of the month again for google’s refresh. Also, some nitwit from is hitting my site with requests, about 20% of which are totally broken - using text from one of the pages or a truncated hyperlink as a url. For example, http://kasei.evilfunhouse.com/"www.russellbeattie.com/notebook/index.jsp and http://kasei.evilfunhouse.com/blog/archives/2002/11/28/the_slowdo. Moron.