Jimmy Eat World

April 29th, 2008 11:20 PM

After a weekend in New York City, Simon and Katia took a round-about way home to Providence through Albany to come see us and spend the night. Simon, Katia and I went to the Jimmy Eat World and Paramore show at the Albany Armory, and had a great time (despite the dismal weather). It turned out to be the opposite of what happened last time, with Paramore actually opening for Jimmy Eat World (I had been under the impression it was going to be the other way around, not knowing much at all about Paramore). Oh, and the other difference was that Paramore didn’t totally suck. They were actually really good.

(Looking back at that post from 2005 about the last Jimmy Eat World show, I can’t get over some of those comments. Who were those people posting those crazy comments? Man, did they love Taking Back Sunday, and hated me for criticizing them.)

The one strange and obnoxious part of the show last night was that we retired to the bleachers toward the end of the night to sit down while watching the show. We ended up sitting behind a pair of journalists with their laptops open writing reviews of the performances. Except one of the journalists (the one with the ugly PC laptop and not the shiny MacBook, and I’m using the term “journalist” loosely here) actually didn’t appear to be basing his review on the actual performance. Instead, and it was hard not to glance over his shoulder and read what he was writing given how close and bright the screen was, he was writing his whole review of the show about specific songs before the band had even played them. During the entire time we were sitting behind him, I don’t think he was actually looking at the band for more than 30 seconds total. After finishing up his article about halfway through the show, he packed up his things, and left. So to you Mr. Singer, where ever you are, I say: you suck.


Aw! I’m so jealous that you actually got to see a GOOD Jimmy Eat World concert! And I’m jealous you got to see Paramore too, I have their album Riot! and I think it’s pretty darn good.

I’ll admit - I’m visiting your website for selfish reasons. I was hoping you’d have pictures from reunion. Did you go? Miss you!

Posted by: dara on May 20th, 2008 2:33 PM